Next-Generation Banking for Business: Crassula Banking Platform

3 min readJul 7, 2020

Digital banking and FinTechs are rapidly replacing traditional banks. It is safe to say that in the future, there will be fully digital solutions: 80% of business customers already turn to digital channels to communicate with their banks (McKinsey, 2019). Customers are turning to digital solutions as traditional banking becomes inconvenient in terms of time and effort.

Retailers, telecoms, insurance companies and many other businesses that would like to improve their customer retention with easy-to-use and competitive products, as well as connect with the customer on a brand level, often start to evaluate the possibility to inject FinTech in day-to-day operations, implementing their own banking services. It’s quite tricky to launch products leveraging innovative technologies and modern interfaces with traditional banks.

Thus, businesses recognize the need and advantages for their own digital banking and payment solutions, however, there is still an issue with creating these solutions fast and cost-effective inhouse.

What if businesses could define and launch their own banking product and perform all financial operations from their administrative panel, eliminating the burden on company’s IT resources to build a totally new product? What if that could be done in just a few days? Unreal? Not any more. Luckily, the acceleration of FinTech and software solutions has enabled businesses to create their own banking products in days, not months based on white label software like Crassula.

Crassula is an open banking software platform that helps businesses create modern digital banking products as a White Label. Cloud technological platform allows creating products and services based on Crassula infrastructure. Open API allows implementing the technology into the business workflow, creating new tools, integrating 3rd party partners, or developing interfaces that work with Crassula core banking platform. Being a software service provider, all Crassula solutions are fully integrated into your brand.

Why would a business consider launching a digital banking solution with Crassula?

  • Crassula banking software allows businesses to focus on their operations eliminating the time for launching. The setup of the whole platform fully branded for the business will only take 5 business days.
  • Over 40 integrated partners within Crassula platform offering IBANs and VIBANs generation, SEPA and international transfers, card issuing, KYC, FX operations, cryptocurrencies, acquiring allows a business to choose the preferred service provider from the options and compile its own product.
  • Crassula digital banking platform supports all daily banking products from customers onboarding and KYCto IBAN accounts generation, money transfers, cards issuing, fiat, and cryptocurrency exchange.
  • An easy-to-use administrative panel enables businesses to manage all banking operations in one place. The ability to set up your flows, rules, customer limits, conditions, and price lists for any transaction or type of customer allow you to secure money flows.
  • Crassula’s interface works both on the web and mobile platforms (Android and iOS), creating a smooth omnichannel experience for your customers.
  • Crassula is fully PCI DSS compliant, protecting your customers’ payment data.
  • The platform allows users to track any suspicious activity and eliminate risks via security and transaction monitoring tools.

The future is in banking and payment solutions embedded in the business. Create a seamless experience for your customers by integrating banking into your business and allowing them to do banking operations anywhere and anytime. Become a forward-thinking company with Crassula’s SAAS platform now!

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Crassula is a software platform that helps businesses and financial institutions to build their own payment systems, wallets, online, mobile banking and more.