What’s Next: Platformization

The decade of the Internet and the expansion of broadband has created a network of connections between different businesses, services, and people. Platformization implies companies building a digital platform that allows them to connect with customers and partners, offer services in one marketplace, and increase client participation in co-creating products. With many businesses moving to online nowadays, platformization is having its momentum.

Software as a service providers provide efficiency to their clients through the number of integrations they offer. The more of those, the more smoothly the flow of the business will be for the client. But why would businesses need to address platforminzation now?

Contactless transactions mean cleaner society — especially now, the importance of cashless transactions is higher than ever. By implementing a software platform that allows your business to carry out the transaction from your own environment will not only make it easier to process, but also create a safe environment for your customers.

Saving money — platforms that provide software as a service are usually cloud-based, which means faster and cheaper implementation. Such services also usually do not have high fees for maintenance, which is a great option for small businesses.

Engage with your customers — platformization creates easy access to your customer data, allowing you to improve your services in real-time. Businesses can integrate their marketing, sales, product development, procurement, and other practices without having a special team dedicated to the analysis of the data. Access the data 24/7 and save time to focus on problems that matter.



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