White Label in FinTech: eCommerce and Banking Explained

With the evolution of white label industry and business competition, companies, including FinTech, are reevaluating services they provide using their own resources and are more open to partnerships with third-parties. White label products help businesses create solutions in the shortest amount of time without wasting their resources.

What is White Label?

White labelling is a service provided with no brand or logo for a purchaser to create their own product. While the client focuses on business development and sets their strategy, white label provider works on delivery. The pros of White Label are mostly brought in development — the technology has already been tested, which enables faster market reach.

There are only few White Label ventures in FinTech that allow companies create their own payment products the way they want them to be in several days and with very low budgets. And that is exactly what Crassula does.

Who are we doing this for?

FinTech companies, startups, payment services providers, banks and other financial institutions spend too much money on getting necessary licenses and certificates. Assigning their own IT team to create a complete system for online payments or banking requires huge expenses that can be avoided by simply using White Label products like Crassula. We already have everything a business needs to set up their own eCommerce and Online Banking solutions — this saves time and company’s budget. Moreover, we are flexible in our development process and can adapt the system to our client’s needs.

So what are Crassula White Label products: eCommerce and Banking?

eCommerce covers commercial transactions made online. It includes any type of online businesses, from consumer sites to B2B services. Accepting online payments is the most necessary feature for internet product or service providers — and quite complicated.

Crassula is a fully functional and compliant software that provides companies with everything they need for running a payment business: Administrative Panel, Merchant account, Checkout widget and integration REST API for merchants. System is fully PCI DSS compliant and designed with multiple acquiring banks, alternative payment methods, anti-fraud solutions, risk management, promo and remarketing solutions, virtual currencies and more for meeting payment provider and merchant business requirements.

Crassula provides eCommerce and Simple Banking solutions

Online banking is a web-based version of the banking we are all used to, which implies customer’s ability to complete transactions and other related activities online. It is easily outdoing ‘offline’ banking services due to its simplicity and accessibility 24/7. More than a half of EU and US population is using online banking services, which results in even more online banking providers appearance.

Crassula Simple Banking helps those providers create a feature-rich solutions for online banking services that includes multi-currency money transfers, omni-channel balance fulfilment and international bank transfers and funds settlement, SEPA transfers, as well as Automated ID and business verification, with PEP lists check and full data compliance. It is more great due to the integrated account management system and opportunity for banking providers to issue their own unique credit cards.

Moreover, Crassula corresponds with best white-label service provision practices and ensures that our clients meet their end-customers needs with the opportunity for them to integrate customer support services.

We keep growing! Processing more than 125,000 transactions monthly in eCommerce, servicing hundreds of clients daily in Banking, operating customers troughout Europe and connecting team across 6 countries!

Join us today! To become part of Crassula team, send your CV to hello@crassula.io

Crassula is a software platform that helps businesses and financial institutions to build their own payment systems, wallets, online, mobile banking and more.

Crassula is a software platform that helps businesses and financial institutions to build their own payment systems, wallets, online, mobile banking and more.