White Label in FinTech: Merchant Payments Gateway

2 min readDec 18, 2020

We talked about White Label services and their benefits for financial businesses, or for businesses that would like to expand their product line with FinTech products.

White Label platform provides products or services that can be sold under another company’s brand. Therefore, the product or service will appear to your customers as your own, while, in fact, it is provided by a White Label platform behind the scenes. It allows companies to focus on their business growth while the platform provides a full technological solution.

Crassula, a White Label FinTech platform, offers two products for its customers: Core Banking and Merchant Payments. The features and benefits of Crassula Core Banking platform were discussed in our previous blog post. Today, we will talk about the Crassula Merchant Payments product.

Who will find the Merchant Payments Gateway relevant?

First of all, anyone who would like to set up an eCommerce product and start processing payments. Crassula allows building a global payments gateway within days. How can various companies use Crassula’s Merchant Payments product?

PSPs and Payment Facilitators: Crassula’s cloud software solution enables you to provide your payment services to merchants securely, cost-efficiently and flexibly, starting with supporting payments for a simple online store to building complex solutions with subscriptions, virtual currencies, and more.

Banks: Banks that would like to launch a merchant payments product line can start offering acquiring services to their existing customers and attract a whole new segment of customers. With technology-rich, flexible, and secure Merchant Payments Solution, your bank will be able to innovate.

Acquirers: If your customers are PSPs and Facilitators or you are holding a license with Visa, Mastercard, or other IPS, Crassula White Label PSP product is here to support you with technologies enabling the merchant onboarding process, settlements control, Chargeback management, multi-level technical APIs and much more.

What’s included in the Merchant Payments product?

Administrative panel. Set fees, control roles, configure gateways and routings, build anti-fraud rules, and more.

Merchant interfaces. Your merchants can manage projects, subscriptions, transactions, chargebacks, payouts, and much more.

Checkout & REST APIs. Allow merchants to implement payment forms in a way they see it. Offer selection between integration with a few lines of code or full customization.

And don’t be afraid of having a generic product: Crassula has over 40 integrations, allowing you to mix and match, and create a product that is uniquely yours. The system can be up and running within 48 hours.

Whether you’re running an e-commerce store, a subscription service, or just need to get paid once in a while, Crassula’s eCommerce tools help you create the best experience for your client.

Visit https://crassula.io/ to learn more about which product suits you best.
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