White Label in FinTech: Core Banking Products

3 min readDec 3, 2020

What if we tell you that you do not need to be an expert in every aspect of your business to run it successfully? You should focus on what you do best, and do everything to become the best in that. In order for you to be able to do that, there are white label solutions that will fill in the gaps in your business.

What is a White Label solution?

White Label solution is a platform that provides products or services that can be sold under another company’s brand. Therefore, the product or service will appear to your customers as your own, while, in fact, it is provided by a White Label platform behind the scenes.

What are the benefits of White Label solutions?

Cost-effectiveness. While addressing another company for service development may sound like an expensive privilege, it is in fact much cheaper than developing the solution on your own. White Label platforms reduce your long-term labor and resource expenses. You do not have to spend time on development or continuous maintenance — everything is done for you in real-time.

Focus on what’s really important. As White Label platforms provide full solution development and maintenance, it allows you to focus on the core values of your company. Use the time saved on what you do best and elevate your business.

Better client relationships. White Label platforms usually have a lot of integrations to choose from. That allows you to provide your customers precisely what they need. More opportunities mean more reasons to satisfy and retain your clients!

How does the White Label software model work?

Software as a Service, a common business model used by White Label platforms, is a provision of a full technological solution for your business. Such a model usually implies a fixed set-up fee and a monthly fee, which may fluctuate based on the number of clients you have.

White Label in FinTech:

Financial technology (FinTech) is playing a more significant role in the financial world each year. However, creating technological solutions for finance can be difficult and expensive. Therefore, White Label is a very demanded service in the finance and banking industry.

Before, companies had to address traditional banks in order to be able to provide similar services online. Today, physical banks are unnecessary. White Label banking solutions allow companies to offer financial services using their applications. It provides a full API (application program interface) as the base for financial products. This allows users of such White Label platforms to put up their own branded financial product without reinventing the wheel.

One of such White Label banking platforms is Crassula Core Banking solution. It supports all daily banking products that can be adapted to any of the business needs. Crassula Core Banking is the way to go if you want to:

  1. Expand your FinTech product line and strengthen your positions within the value chain.
  2. Elevate your banking infrastructure with the latest technology.
  3. Adopt digital wallet products.
  4. Build a cash-flow management system.

Crassula Core Banking product has over 40+ integrations, which allow us to offer you various features to choose from, such as multi-currency accounts, virtual IBAN generation, international transfers, SEPA transfers, currency exchange, card issuing, AML/KYC process management, and much more. Crassula’s interface works both on the web and mobile platforms (Android and iOS), creating a smooth omnichannel experience for your customers. An easy-to-use administrative panel enables businesses to manage all banking operations in one place. The ability to set up your flows, rules, customer limits, conditions, and price lists for any transaction or type of customer allows you to secure money flows.

Crassula is a fully functional and compliant software that provides companies with everything they need for running a financial business. Crassula corresponds with the best White Label service platform practices and is one of the most recognized platforms in the field. In addition to the Core Banking product, Crassula also provides White Label solutions for the Merchant Payments system.

Visit https://crassula.io/ to learn more about which product suits you best.

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